Pre-K Preparation

Most children will spend over 10 years in primary and secondary education. Make sure your child has the tools they need to be successful with our specially designed programs. Multi-child discounts are available - contact Cradles Cribs & Crayons today at 847-673-5060!

Independent Thinking

At this age, your child is absorbing information about the world at a rapid rate. Our tenured teachers have designed a program to encourage problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Our learning focus is on math, science, and phonics so that your child gets the foundations. Your child is also encouraged to engage in creative activities.

Trust and Acceptance

We live in a multi-cultural world. Our program does not discriminate against anyone, so your child will learn how to get along with people of many ages and backgrounds in a secure, trusted environment. Your child will interact with others in and out of our facility.
Kids playing

Goals and Philosophy

As you lay the foundation for the rest of your child's life, we want to be your partner every step of the way. We're committed to providing a positive, encouraging facility that's suited to your child's unique needs.
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We provide snack in the morning and afternoon, and a hot lunch in the middle.
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