4 to 5-YEAR-OLDS

4 to 5-Year-Olds

Almost Ready for School

If your child is enrolled in our oldest care group, we take extra care to make sure they're ready to merge seamlessly into whichever schooling program you choose - traditional, home, or private! Learn about our discount for families with two or more children - contact Cradles Cribs & Crayons today at 847-673-5060!

A Typical Day

You and your child will head to our 4 to 5-year-old room, where you'll be greeted by our tenured and credentialed educators. We'll provide you with an overview of daily activities so you'll never be left out.

Teacher Input

Our teachers have worked hard to design a program, which will best prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. You can have faith in our decades of experience - we won't steer you wrong. Our teachers will also help to develop the important skill of confidence in your child.

Your child will be involved in drama, reading, music, science, math art and more. They will also learn about their unique skills and talents, as well as understand proper behavior and interaction.


We encourage the individualism and uniqueness of your child, which is why we have weekly Show-N-Tell days. Our themes are posted on a bulletin board, so you're never caught off-guard!
Safe, Warm Environment
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Cradles Cribs & Crayons provides personal attention for both children and parents to focus on the development and preparation
for kindergarten.
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