About Us

About Cradles Cribs & Crayons

Cradles Cribs & Crayons has been providing care and education for over three decades. We offer various programs that are tailored to your children's age range. Our staff emphasizes physical and mental development through activities that promote growth, encouragement, and self-confidence. Contact our locally owned company today at 847-643-5060 to find out more!

Our Staff

Our teachers are trained, licensed professionals and have been with our center for years. They are adequately prepared and eager to love, care for, and educate your children.

Customized Education

We offer a low ratio of children to teachers to ensure your child is receiving personal attention. With a variety of activities, including dance, music, computers and field trips, our children are eager to start their day.
Family-oriented facility

Family-Oriented Facility

We want you and your child to feel like Cradles Cribs & Crayons is their home away from home. We're located in a safe neighborhood that's quiet and discreet. Contact Cradles Cribs & Crayons today to ask about enrollment!
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